Gaming in academic libraries


Citing from this book

 When referring to a chapter from an edited book in your work, cite the author and date of publication of the chapter in the main body of  your text and not the editor(s) of the book. There are two ways to produce in-text citations.

 1. Authors name mentioned within body of written work 

 If you mention the authors name in your written work, there is no need to include their name in your in-text citation, just include the date of publication.  i.e. Amey (2008) makes the point that….

 2. Authors name NOT mentioned within body of written work

 If you don’t mention the authors name in your written work then you must include it in your in-text ciation. i.e. Libraries have recently got involved in gaming to good effect (Amey, 2008). 

 Referencing this book

 When you have included an in-text citation for a chapter in an edited book, you must include the title and author of the edited book as well as the chapter title and author in your reference list, including page numbers. 

 Amey, T. (2008) ‘Positioning the library as a source for industry and career information for the videogame business’. In: Harris, A. and Rice, S.E. (eds.) Gaming in academic libraries: collections, marketing, and information literacy. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, pp. 39-51.